See me, feel me, hear me, be me. I am you, we are us. As within, so without. Let’s grow and expand, fall and cry, and rise up in the waves of our tears to wash clean the wounds of humanity. You are the new world. We are the new world.

Circle of Truth 

Every Sunday we come together in the Circle of Truth. We embody the missing link the outside world has not yet come to learn, which is speaking truth. 


We offer a set up in which there is time to listen and time to speak. Gathering the truth, the real truth, the inside truth. The truth that will set our energies free. 

We create a space where we are mirrored in our shadows and lies. When we take off the layered personalities that we use to cover ourselves in, we come home in being the living examples of a new world. 


Each call starts at 5.00PM CET AMSTERDAM and will go on for at least 2hrs.  All members of the group get the possibility to express their Embodied Truth and receive practices, assignments and support.

* Personal Mentorship by Kaya & Sema

* 4/5 live calls on Zoom per month

* Embodied Truth speaking

* Group support 

* Guidance for personal growth

* Safe space for sharing and to be seen

* Vision clearing and action based movements 

Monthly subscription 270,00 Euro

Space of Truth 

Every week we come together in the Space of Truth where we practice the ancient and futuristic art of living truth.


In our daily life we move in and out of the truth. Often without noticing it. When we get more clarity of what is actually the truth and how to move through the Spiral of Truth we gather not only wisdom but also create a clear inner navigation through which we can be the living example for others.


In the Space of Truth we offer a safe container to be seen, heard and felt by friends, strangers and lovers. We all show up in our shit, in our glory, in our shadows, in our confusion, in our shyness and in our love. It is a space beyond hierarchy, beyond polarity and belong judgements. 

We support every sharing by the same words: I feel you, I see you, I hear you, I love you. But only when we feel the resonance we speak this truth. There is no pretending, no fake-ness, no charity. 


Our meetings are regularly held in TULUM, MEXICO. We use specific practices to navigate truth, embody and live truth. We offer a safe container for growth and transformation where both one time joining as weekly joining is welcomed. 

You are free to come alone or bring your partner/friend/family.  Space of Truth is for all ages, kids under 12 are free.

* Held by Kaya & Sema

* Guided space

* Truth speaking

* Truth embracing 

* Building community 

* Safe space for sharing and to be seen

Per session 30,00 Euro

© 2020 by Kaya Jiwan & Sema Simone maniYyeÉSz LVe/H8

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