Human and Soul is the transition of humanity, where we move into the proces of higher consciousness and

re-unite the parts of us that got lost on our way towards meaning and fulfillment.

Human and Soul is a portal.

It is the arrival of coming home, step by step, by re-programming

the conditions we’ve been through life after life.


Creating a togetherness where every-motion is welcomed, and where we break through what stop us from accessing true power of our being.


It is the completion between every pole, where we reunite the dualistic illusion, into the wisdom

that every-motion needs each other in order to work in balance.


There is no you vs me.

There is only we.


There is no love vs hate.

There is only


The Human and Soul vision is to inspire others to realize their true nature and transcend

the limitations of the human experience.


We are weaving.

We are building a portal.


We are remembering to remember, the roots we came from, and the nature around us.


We are here in full-on service for all the things we forgot in the hurry of society, and claim the memory we all possesses deep inside our innermost buried desires.


We do this, because we want to go home. Home to the original habitat of the human race, where balance and circle of life, is what’s keeps things in place and the human complete.

To support others on their journey Human and Soul offers BLUE/PRINTS. SEE/YOU and BEYOND/LIFE experiences to come back home in the full potential of being a Human

living in close connection with the Soul. 

Kaya & Sema

© 2020 by Kaya Jiwan & Sema Simone maniYyeÉSz LVe/H8

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