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Human    Soul

We focus on growth & expansion

in times of chaos and control


Human race is a highly intelligent being, with the capacity to so much more, than we’ve been told. 


Human and Soul is the arrival of coming home, step by step, by re-programming the conditions and lies we’ve been told  

life after life. 


In Human & Soul we invite you to

move into a higher frequency of truth.


They work, they kiss, they love and they fuck. They evolve, they crash, they learn and they grow.


They are Kaya and Sema, visionary pioneers coming from opposite ends.

Kaya Jiwan is one of the leading voices in the international field of s*xual transformation and the founder of this is M. Kaya created the Layered Body System, a methodology through which she guides people from trauma to full potential.


Sema Simone is the founder of the Black Sheep Movement and creator of the Black Sheep Podcasts, through which she influences many people around the world in

their process of awakening.

In Human and Soul they weave their wisdom, while they stay grounded in their own visions. They work with the opposites of polarity and create a double mirror for not only their own proces, but also for all the people they work with.  

Both Kaya and Sea felt the need to take the next step in their professional lives and decided to follow the calling of their souls.


In Human and Soul they bridge the free spirit of Sema Simone with the exclusive approach of Kaya Jiwan. Creating a new world where all is welcome, all is seen and the new is born.


In Human and Soul, we invite all to be seen.

When we let go of our shadows, secrets and shame, when we truly dare to speak truth we not only liberate ourselves, we also create a whole new level of existence.


Truth Based Living is a life long practice where we shed skin, we let go of the identification of our personality parts and create a more authentic relationship with ourselves and the world around us. 

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A BLUE/PRINT is how the soul creates new pathways for itself to evolve and to grow.


It is a soul made map, where we as human can take our physical experience to the next level, to thrive more, shine more, know more and feel more.


A BLUE/PRINT is made to re-program the human condition, remove generations of dogma and heal the ongoing trauma responses of the nerve system. A BLEU/PRINT supports the extinction of all the lies that have been told and all the lies we have been telling ourselves.


It is a TRUTH re-set

A re-start and an installation of power beyond the limitations created

around the illusion of Self.


Evolution theory is the devolution of the mind, and in the realization of the thought hi-jack, we find our gold to meet the demands of evolution.


A BLUE/PRINT is a soul called duty where we clean the karma of energy,

and get deeper into the layers of the human experience.

The BLUE/PRINTs of Human and Soul are based on the evolutionary method of speaking, living, embodying internal Truth. 

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Image by Jaromír Kavan

The creation of another life, another world. Beyond the polarity of daily life, where we struggle to survive instead of live to thrive. Human and Soul creates a home, rooted in soil, deep in the luscious jungle of Mexico.


Beyond/Home will be the base for all Human and Souls who desire to create heaven on earth.