The following applies to all services, contributions & sessions.

- Strict no-refund or return on any mentoring/services/contributions. Date changes are a possibile, see the conditions.
- Monthly Subscriptions are 31 days back to back. Weekly Subscriptions are 7 days back to back.
- Online sessions are held via the Zoom platform and What's app.

Canceling / Rescheduling
- If you schedule an appointment and are a no-show (fail to turn up, without any prior notice), you automatically forfeit the session, without refund. Kaya and Simone will wait a maxiumum of 10 minutes after the scheduled time for you to show. If you do not arrive, the session is lost. If you feel you will be late, please email ahead of time. 
- Individual sessions can be postponed, delayed, and rescheduled without penalty, up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time. This provides the individual with safety that payment will not be wasted. 

Full Payment
- The requested upfront payment on all services is for the clear demonstration of the individuals commitment to the process. As the work is a very deep and transformative experience, at times the process may get intense for the individual. Rest assured, this is a common and normal realigning experience, which shows the results of the work manifesting in the individuals life. It is in many cases essential in breaking away from old limiting ways of existing.
- This is one of the reasons why the no refund policy is in place. So the individual can be guided through the most important initial phase safely. If the individual decides for whatever reason that they want to quit the process, they are free to do so, but receive no refund or return. Although quitting mid-way through the work is definitely advised against.

- The quality of the coaching service you will receive will be second to none. Outcomes will vary based on where each individual is at in their lives, and what exactly they are looking to achieve personally. All guidance is conducted specific to each individuals needs, and has the ability to shift lanes at any moment, responding to the individuals rapidly evolving requirements.

*By committing to and paying for our services, the individual agrees to all of the above.


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