The keeper of eternal wisdom, holding the knowledge of the past to break the polarity down to balance, and the Being send from the future, to move from mikro to makro

into cosmic wisdom of Self.

They are manifested form in service of creation supporting humanity. Directing the souls into their original home hidden behind the illusion of society.


They came to the earth realm to embody the evolution and water the growth of Beings, to once again remember our existence:


The consciousness of a fractal that we all are. Kaya and Simone represent the destruction of the limited perception of polarity, moving with both poles to create perfect balance, so within, so without.


They work as above, so below.​

Live Life Line 

Sometimes we are in a period of our lives, where we don't want/can't go through on our . Call it the dark night of the Soul, call it chaos and mess, call it deep transformation. 

Shedding Skin is not an easy task, it is a journey in it's self. When we look at the world around us as the reflection of our internal world, we know that there is a lot of work calling for attention.

To offer you full support in this journey we invite a limited number of people into our Live Life Line, where you have unlimited what's app support from Kaya and Simone.

* Personal Mentorship by Kaya & Simone

* Unlimited What's app support in message and audio

* Mirrors and reflections

* Growth and expansion

* Complete honesty

* Practices and embodiment of truth

* Shadow work & emotional release

* Being seen and witnessed in ALL

Monthly subscription 1000,00 Euro

This is a full on consent session to be and allow call outs and future vision for the path you are on right now. To be seen, to be directed, to be navigated into a path that is aligned with your real truth, and not your personality games. 


It’s a removal of stuck-ness, complete honesty served by Kaya and Simone, and its a online analyze of all of you, past, present and future. 


You give your consent, we start to dive, pealing off layers, and look through the lenses of the 3rd eye to see trough the lies presenting themself in the session and the talk. 

* Call out session with Kaya & Simone

* 90 min live call on Zoom

* Caleidoscoop vision

* Double Mirror/Double Sword 

* Sight Seeing/Side Seeing

* Safe space for transformation

* Awakening & Matrix reset practices

Single Session 340,00 Euro

Looking Glass 




creating temporary base in jungle.

buying land, research natural resources and

geographic set up, invite contributors in


cleaning land,  creating basic infra structure

 design home including guest jungle stay & pools 


building house, working with local community

creating foundation including solar panels, wind power, rainwater harvesting


Beyond/Living, no more energy bill, no more toxin emissions,

inviting human and souls in a new way of living and thriving.

inspiring, educating and stimulating the community

We are working in close connection with the local community's for the design and the natural building materials. Besides creating a home, which is in full balance with the natural resources, we are integrating the foundation of the home in nature, which not only means replanting the plants, and building around trees but also including traditional handcrafts and local building techniques.


© 2020 by Kaya Jiwan & Sema Simone maniYyeÉSz LVe/H8

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