We are protecting the value of existence. We are supporting the earth we came here to walk on. We are breaking the chains around our own evolution.


Human and Soul is creating a home BEYOND LIFE for Beings who have the longing to follow natural based living, with the vision of breaking the systematic mindset and autopilot, adding meaning to a human life, that serves the inner desire to evolve and grow.

Human and Soul is upgrading every movement and work together with the resources giving to us by our Mother Nature. We will create complete sustainability around everything, which means the resources is giving to us by nature will be leading in building and living. In this way we create a reset for ourselves and our perceptions, and lay the foundation to future generations to come.

We are inspired by the Atlantean way of thinking, feeling and moving. Where construct, art, architecture, food and environment is what creates the inner environment and settle into a internal balance of thriving.

The foundation of the home will be build around sacred geometry, perfection, and resources that is needed for both the human and soul to thrive. It will be fully off grid while at the same time there will be all the noursihments we need to live a life in the basic luxury of an eco chic cosmic citizen. 


The home-base of Human and Soul will be located in the deep luscious jungle of Mexico, in a growing conscious area where nature, human and soul dance together.

Our invitation is of higher living, where impossible becomes true, and the void inside suddenly is field up with love and pleasure.

Since we are passionate to educate, stimulate, integrate in a new way,  our desire is to invite you in the Human and Soul BEYOND/LIFE living.


We have spots available for people who are ready to live an upgraded life.  People who see the value of protecting land and honor the essence of why we are here.  Visionairs who just like us, live with the pioneer vision to push forward the agenda of sustainability

both in the inner and outer world.


We are deeply rooted in consciousness and shared care, and therefore very much looking forward to invite you into our project. In the creation of the new world where sustainably, nature nourishment and high frequency is the root of all growth, we offer people the opportunity to live in the jungle for 3 to 6 months to upgrade your Human and Soul.

For more info about the dates and requirements please reach out to us.


* To develop a life with values, where harmony between people and nature can be achieved.

* To build and live with a minimal ecological imprint. Using clean energies and caring for the natural resources.

* To balance out dogma, social respect and behavior, comfort, evolution and health.

* To create an ethical enviroment for future generations. And to implent ecological and conscious awareness.

© 2020 by Kaya Jiwan & Sema Simone maniYyeÉSz LVe/H8

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